These terms and conditions provide detailed information for patients considering cosmetic and medical skin procedures at ReWonder Ltd.


Consultation fees are as follows:

Medical and skin consultations are £50, which is non-refundable. This includes an in depth analysis of your skin using the latest digital technology and formulation of your bespoke treatment plan here at ReWonder Ltd.

Following your consultation, if you decide to proceed with any treatments with a six month period the consultation fee will be deducted from the final balance. If however, you do not return within 6 months then a new medical consult will be undertaken and you will be charged accordingly for this service.

Please provide all medical history asked during the consultation. ReWonder Ltd will not be liable for any damages incurred as a result of withheld information or due to a failure to follow aftercare

Please refrain from alcohol consumption 48 hours prior to and after treatment


ReWonder Ltd reserves the right to change prices at any time without notice. Prices are subject to consultation and may vary dependent on individual’s requirements.

Any price quoted in your consultation will then take precedence over prices that may be quoted on this website or elsewhere.


  • Procedure room fees/charges
  • Consultation and procedure fee
  • Anaesthetic, dressings as needed
  • Follow up as required according to the clinical indication


The correction of previous procedures or treatments not performed by ReWonder Ltd

Additional treatments that are deemed above and beyond what was discussed at the initial consultation and price structure

Additional prescriptions for pharmacy related medication


Aesthetic consultations and treatments by ReWonder Ltd are for the restoration, maintenance and protection of skin health and as such are VAT exempt. If this is not the case for your visit VAT will be added.


We accept cash and the following cards: Visa, Mastercard, Debit Cards, Maestro (formerly Switch) and Solo. Although we do not accept cheques we are happy to accept bank transfers. Payment must be made either in advance or at the time of the procedure. All card details are stored securely off-site using World pay in accordance with PCI compliance regulations.


You agree that  ReWonder Ltd can use your personal details for the purposes of providing you with medical services as well as providing pre- and post-treatment advice for you.

This information may be provided to other clinical organisations and individuals (including clinical staff, hospital consultants and your General Practitioner) for the same purposes but only in connection with ongoing medical care. If you object to the sharing of information in regards to any treatments please tell us during your consultation.

We may also use your contact details to provide you with occasional information about other services we provide or may provide in the future. If you do not wish to receive this information, please tell us. If you do not tell us, we will assume you are happy to receive this information.

Post treatment care documents and advice will be emailed to you following your procedure here at ReWonder Ltd.


Here at ReWonder Ltd, we embrace a strict patient selection criteria in order to ensure that all our patients are medically fit to undergo particular treatments. This means it is possible that we may advise that in your best medical interests, a treatment is inappropriate. We will also not proceed with a procedure if we feel that your expectations exceed the results achievable from such treatments.

Please note that we do not provide treatments for anyone aged under 18 years.  All patients will be required to routinely confirm their age and identity during the consultation process and before any procedures are undertaken.


If you are unable to complete a course of treatment due to medical reasons, we would need to see a letter from your consultant/general practitioner outlining the reasons why treatments cannot be continued, in order for us to consider a partial refund. We would not consider any refunds at all after 12 months from the purchase date.

For any refunds there will be an admin fee of £50.

ReWonder Ltd does not give refunds for any products purchased.


We do understand if patients are unwell or have other commitments, but please give us as much notice as possible if you wish to rearrange an appointment. We reserve the right to charge for non-attendance or where cancellation is shorter than our policy. Our cancellation policy is as follows:

For all appointments we operate a 48 hour cancellation policy with a fee of £50

For clients on a course of treatment who arrive late or fail to attend an appointment more than once or cancel outside of the cancellation policy time we reserve the right to deduct a course session from the client


The information provided on this website is for use as information or for educational purposes only. It does not provide any diagnostic services and is not a substitute for professional medical care by a qualified doctor/nurse or other qualified healthcare professional.

We do not warrant that any information included within this site will meet your health or medical requirements. You should always check with a health professional if you have any concerns about your health.


We are committed to providing a professional service to all our clients. We do, however, have a complaints procedure in place and if for some reason you are unhappy with the treatment or any aspect of our service and feel you want to make a complaint or comment on the service provided please either contact a member of staff at the clinic or call 01484 423023 for further details or email info@rewonder.co.uk. We will endeavour to deal with any matters arising promptly and efficiently.

In the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied, we have a Complaints Policy to ensure all complaints are handled as efficiently and effectively as possible.

As a customer of ours, you are entitled to make a complaint to us. The following outlines our policy and procedures for the handling of verbal and written complaints.

We aim to provide an efficient, fair and structured mechanism for handling complaints, and to provide our customers with access to the complaints handling process, including those customers with disabilities and special needs.

ReWonder Ltd will endeavour at all times to keep patients informed as to the progress of their complaint and the expected timeframe for resolution.

  • Upon receiving a complaint, we will acknowledge your matter via telephone or in writing within 10 working business days.
  • We will keep you informed of the progress of your complaint, proposed actions and the expected time frame for resolution.
  • Our aim is to resolve complaints in a timely manner and we will generally aim to resolve a matter within 28 calendar days
  • Complex complaints may take longer than this to resolve. In these cases, we will regularly update you on the progress and likely timeframe for resolution.
  • We will always advise you of the outcome of your complaint. Where you have requested us to do so, we will advise you in writing.